Year-end Letter from Editor


2014 is drawing to a close and in our last post for the year, we make some important announcements.

When we started IndiaAutoReport (IAR) in Oct 2013, we had two key aims – the first was to showcase the analytics and research capabilities of IAR’s parent organisation (Emerging Markets Automotive Advisors – EMMAAA). The second aim was to create an unbiased, irreverent, and logical source of automotive analysis for the Indian industry, a kind of serious B2B portal for the automotive stakeholder seeking analytics and a mature opinion.

Writing this on Christmas Eve, and taking a look back at the year gone by, we are happy to note that we have been moderately successful on both fronts.

As a research & consulting organisation, EMMAAA transformed itself into the research & forecast provider with the widest coverage of the Indian market – Two-Wheelers, Passenger Vehicles, M&HCVs, and LCVs. We had the fortune of working with some of the biggest corporates in the industry – OEMs, Suppliers, Financial Institutions, Engineering Houses, Software Developers, and Strategy Consultants. We thank them all; they kept us alive.

A much larger number rejected us, declining to work with us due to various reasons. We thank them even more; they kept us burning. In 2015, EMMAAA strives to raise our standards to meet the expectations of the clients who walked away from us this year.

On the second front, IAR has been quite a revelation.

When we started off in Oct 2013, we were sceptical, to the point of being nervous. No one would read serious stuff; no one would care about graphics carved out of twisted public data; no one would read 2500 words. There were too many Nos in our mind. We decided to lower the prospective depression from audience rejection by restricting ourselves to a once-a-week publishing schedule.

However, the audience response has been ecstatic. We have become stronger every month and receive quality feedback – good & bad – from industry executives. IAR has achieved what we had set out to do and 2015 would be a year to grow bigger for the portal, in coverage, in frequency and in quality. Starting January, we will grow up from our once-a-week publishing schedule and post thrice a week.

We also took the opportunity of the year end to introspect and make changes to the very structure of our team. To provide readers with a better, more holistic perspective, IAR would now function separately from EMMAAA. While EMMAAA would continue supporting IAR with data & analytics, IAR would be run by a separate editorial team that we are putting together.

Over the next few weeks, I would leave the Editor’s chair at IAR and focus on my responsibilities at EMMAAA. As our reader, you have my assurance that the person (we don’t have a name yet) stepping in would bring a better perspective, deeper understanding, and continue with the unadulterated, unbiased, independent talking style of IAR.

We are off for our Christmas – New Year vacation now and there would be no posts this week and next. IAR would resume publishing from 2nd Jan and our weekly mailer would be back on 8th Jan.


Deepesh Rathore

Editor @ IndiaAutoReport

Analyst @ EMMAAA


PS: We are hiring

We currently have five positions open in our Research & Editorial team and two positions open in our Business Development team.  Detailed job profiles would be shared next week on IAR, LinkedIn and Facebook.



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  1. TanmayMathur
    Dec 24, 2014 - 01:13 PM

    Congratulations to the IAR team for setting up this portal !

    I stumbled here around May and since then IAR has been one of the tabs always open on my browser. Just love the content and the point of views presented in the articles, nowhere else are such insights available about the Indian Automobile Industry. This portal deserves to be much more widely read and publicized than its is right now (judging by the likes and comments), which I am sure will be achieved in the time to come! I am happy to know there will be more frequent articles now 🙂

    Wishing the IAR team and DR a Turbocharged New Year 2015!

    P.S: The hiring part is attracting me as well.

  2. Abhishek P
    Jan 01, 2015 - 10:50 PM

    This website provides great content and is a joy to read. Keep up the good work.
    All the best !


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