Special Analysis – The Impact of Politics on the Auto Industry


Politics is often under-stated and under-estimated. While we do feel the impact of politics on the economy and (further) on the automotive industry, OEMs and suppliers often neglect it as an influencing factor in their future planning. This is mostly because the industry has very little influence on the political scene.

The industry also decides to ignore the political influence because, unless there is a significant deterioration in the political scene (factions, extremists or dictators in power), the country’s economic direction does not change significantly.

And herein lies the problem.

The present political scene is creating a number of possible future scenarios, all of which may result in altering the shape and size of the Indian automotive market, and industry, significantly. By significant, EMMAAA means two million units in passenger vehicle sales every year by 2023.

Today we have released a special analysis examining the impact of various economic and political factors on the automotive market. The analysis titled “The Impact of Politics on the Auto Industry” is available for Free Download for all registered users of IndiaAutoReport.

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  1. Inconsistent Fuel Subsidies

    Derailed Infrastructure Projects : Construction, Mining (Iron Ore)

    Excise Duty rules.

    The first 2 were the MAJOR reasons why Auto-Makers found it very difficult to understand what to make and what to market where, whether to make at all, and how to tap increase in demand.

  2. Hi there,

    Is this Report still available? Unfortunately I don’t find any link which guides me the way to the full report.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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