Small SUV Successes – The Epilogue – Nissan Terrano Gets 6000 Likes


Note: This is not a regular analysis but just some additional material that popped up after we had published the Small SUV analysis.   

Continuing with the small SUV success story, we wanted to highlight that the Nissan Terrano, launched last week, has cornered 6000 bookings. Again, we can see the following trends:

1. Small SUVs rock.

2. Extended pre-launches work – Nissan admitted that bookings had been taken during the days prior to the launch.

Nissan TerranoKicked by the good response to the Terrano, we rang up the wise guys at EMMAAA to see if they still stand by their 2018 forecast of 370,000+ units or would like to raise it further.

The EMMAAA team infers that most of what the Terrano is gaining would be at the cost of the Duster. They also said “There is a good chance that the Terrano is going to eat into the XUV’s (gasp!) pie as well”

They feel that the Terrano has received a good response because Nissan – even though pricing the SUV much higher than the Duster – has a great brand name in the market. It is considered a more credible name in SUVs thanks mostly due to the Indian Army Jonga and the handful of Pathfinders and Patrols imported by connoisseurs.

As such, the Terrano would have little impact on the EcoSport due to the huge price gap and EMMAAA declined to upgrade their forecast this early in time.


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