Monthly Sales Analysis – January 2016


January 2016 sales numbers have been released by SIAM and the team at EMMAAA has analysed the numbers in detail.

It’s a bad start to the year as Passenger Vehicles dispatches stayed flat vis-a-vis last year.

Passenger Car dispatches were down 0.6% on a year-on-year basis as most brands took a breather. New model launches have helped maintain volumes for the leading players but new launches have effectively cannibalised older models.

The UV and Vans segments did well in comparison, pulling up the overall Passenger Vehicle dispatches into positive zone.

Elsewhere, Scooters growth story is slowing down even though the segment still accounted for nearly 8% growth in dispatches. Meanwhile, the entry level commuter bike segment stays under duress as dispatches declined.

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  1. despite being subscribe to the IAR mailer I m not getting link to download the pdf from last few months. Kindly mail me pdf this time for Monthly Sales Analysis – January 2016.

  2. checked my spam mail also but no link either to download the dec 2015 or jan 2016 pdf. its better if u publish the report in slide show format like u did for Nov 2015 to avoid confusion and unwanted mails.


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