Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Today is Christmas and we love you if you are here and reading this. We are taking a one week break from publishing and would be back next week.

Also, just for next week, we would be publishing on Friday (3rd Jan 2014) as Wednesday is New Year’s day and we you would be nursing a hangover.

IndiaAutoReport has a lot in store for 2014. We start the year by examining how much of a colossal failure was 2013 for the automotive industry. While all of us have felt the pressure of the downturn, we break the data down to model and segment levels and try to unravel the micro- and nano-trends lurking within. We also look at the obvious winners and give them awards and examine the hidden costs of winning in a downturn year.

The guys at EMMAAA have been busy working on ways to examine sales trends. They feel that not all years are equal and we need to take into account the freshness of products in a particular time-frame before making a comment on the same.  Just how to measure the freshness is a challenge and their number crunchers are hard at work examining that.

Just in case you missed any of our analysis in the past, here are links to them:

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