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Sometime in October 2014, IndiaAutoReport completed one year of operations. Why we cannot put an exact date to our birthday is because, while we posted the first research post on 11th Oct 2013, the website came into existence a few days before that. Meanwhile, Emerging Markets Automotive Advisors (EMMAAA) started operations in September 2013 while the domain IAR was booked many years back.

In short, we are not sure when to celebrate IAR’s birthday, and for aesthetics sake, let 11th October be the day.

In one year, we have analysed the Indian automotive industry from different tangents, looked at market data with more than a customary glance, and conducted critical surveys of market segments to assess the mood at the grass-root level.

Many times, we have gone out on a limb and forecasted the future, mostly with a good strike rate. We have never held back punches and continue to approach the business with our trademark cheekiness. Many a times, we have been politically incorrect, but never fundamentally so.

Journey so far

Over the year, we have published 49 posts on IAR. That’s not a lot when compared to most all websites covering the Indian automotive industry. However, the typical IAR post is a heady cocktail of data, detailed analysis difficult to design and easy to decipher infographics. Most posts are at least 2200 words long and we throw in all the data, and more, that is in the public domain.

To maintain the seriousness of the content, we publish only once a week, i.e. every Thursday. The content is targeted at automotive professionals and people with commercial interests in the Indian automotive market.

Today we have more than 500 subscribers to our weekly mailer and before you snub us with “That’s not a lot,” we would like to point out that we are the only Indian automotive portal which uses a ‘double opt-in’ system for entering our mailing list.

In simple words, just putting down your email id in the space below will not subscribe you to our weekly mailer: you also have to reconfirm your intent to join our free email list by clicking on the link we send to your email id.

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The Future

As we enter our second year of operations, we would be further enriching IAR content and making it more relevant for Indian automotive stakeholders.

As EMMAAA transforms into an automotive research and forecasting organization with the widest coverage of the Indian market (2W, 3W, 4W, M&HCVs), IAR content would benefit from the detailed analysis and data coverage.

At the same time, IAR would take the next step commercially and turn privileged (read subscription access).

There are multiple new projects on the anvil, some being revealed over the course of this quarter. The critical nature of most also means that we need to keep our trap shut for now.

For today, we leave you with a small hint – if you are not on our mailing list today, be there first thing tomorrow morning. Trust us, when we start asking you pesky details like Credit Card numbers, people on our mailing list would still stay privileged.

What about Today?

Today is Thursday, our publishing day. Today is also Deepawali, the biggest festival in India. For our readers not of Indian origin, think of it as Christmas, Guy Fawkes Night and Halloween rolled into one. And then multiplied by ten.

Needless to say, we are busy (and we love you if you are reading this today) and would be back in action next week. Watch out for the upcoming analysis on the future of Electric Vehicles in India and our Early Sales Reckoner for October 2014 coming next week.

We leave you today with quick links to ten of our most popular analysis in the last year.

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Top Five Things That Worry Us





  1. Greetings Deepesh!
    Congratulations to you and all at IAR / EMMAAA on your first birthday.
    You have already created a ripple in the automotive analysis space in India.
    Now it just has to get bigger and better.
    Fight hard. Win big.
    — Avik.


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