Global Carmaker Chronicles – A Passage to India


A look at the history of the Indian automotive industry since the early 1990s reveals that amongst the new entrant carmakers, only Hyundai could make a significant impact. Everyone else faltered for a long time before settling down to a life in mediocrity, with some moderate success achieved through a couple of models. Some have actually become little more than an unending comedy of errors. 

We went beyond our usual format and decided to capture our Special Analysis in the form of a presentation. Numbering twelve slides in all, the presentation captures the historical evolution of all global carmakers in India and assesses their strategy or lack of it for the Indian market.

Further, we decided to be a complete nuisance slightly difficult and have made this presentation available only to our registered users.

Registration is free and all you need to do is to put your email id in the box below, confirm your subscription in the email you receive and you are set. We will mail you the presentation within a few minutes.


Along with the presentation, you will also get access to our report on how politics influences industry and the likely impact of the upcoming elections on the Indian automotive market. That report would be mailed along with the presentation.

In the course of our special analysis, we realised that some of the material may be too hot for corporate communications departments of carmakers. That is one of the reasons why this analysis is going to be secretly circulated within the IAR community.

Just in case you do find some of the content offending to your brand or management, please do read our Editorial Guidelines here, especially the part about counting to ten.

We know we are being a bit difficult here, but hey, registration is free and will stay free forever for some time.

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  1. I’m a recent reader of your website and already a fan of your in-depth analysis. I registered on your website and received an email with links to download this report.
    However the dropbox site gives an error saying that the link sharing has been disabled. So i’m unable to download this report.
    Please help.

  2. You have some great reports and your informal writing style makes them highly readable. Keep them coming. Meanwhile, make it a mobilr friendly site. Right now, it sucks.

  3. Hello DR, I am a regular reader of IAR reports but have been getting drop-box error for this report as well as the one on the impact of politics on indian automotive industry. is there a way I could access special features in a different format/link, let me know.

    • The report on Impact of politics is now mostly redundant as it was written before the elections. We will upload the second report again and I will mail you the link. – DR

  4. I have just logged in for the first time on your site and found the content mind boggling. The in-depth detailed analysis being doneby you guys is amazing to say the least. Moreover it’s free of cost and for auto enthusiasts who want to gain knowledge on Indian Automotive Industry, this is the best place to log on. Keep up the grea work guys. You really rock!
    I also wanted a copy of this “Global Carmaker Chronicles – A Passage to India”
    I would really appreciate if, you can mail me the same.

    • Dear Rohit, Thank you for the kind words. Just get added to our mailing list and you will receive a copy of Global Carmaker Chronicles.


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