General Elections 2014 – Deciding the Shape of the Indian Auto Industry


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Passenger vehicle sales have seen negative growth in the last ten months. Most analysts point at macro-economic factors like high inflation and high lending rates as the problem areas for car sales. The truth is that India has always been a high inflation, high lending rates economy. How come passenger vehicle sales were healthy this time last year?

The key point is perhaps the noise – the sentiment of the passenger car buyer, which is at an all-time low. The typical car buyer had a joyride till date when the high inflation was outmatched by higher wage inflation.

Things seem to be changing now. The car buyer is no longer confident of maintaining his high wage growth in the future. The present Political turmoil and the uncertain future is also doing its bit to influence car buyers to delay car purchases.

Amongst all these factors, the political side of the equation is often understated. Surprisingly, politics should be one of the biggest factors to consider, looking at the last five years when political paralysis has ended up crippling the auto industry.

It is this political turmoil that is the subject of a detailed analytical study that EMMAAA is carrying out presently. The Special Analysis – General Elections 2014 Deciding the Shape of the Indian Auto Industry – is free for the first 99 registrants and we have 57 at the time of writing this. You can register for the special analysis here.

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We did not post this Tuesday, as we were lazy due to the Diwali rush. Next Tuesday, we will release the Special Analysis titled “General Elections 2014 Deciding the Shape of the Indian Auto Industry.”

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