Editorial Guidelines


The content on IndiaAutoReport (IAR) is created with the intention to ‘open up’ the analysis of the industry and allow greater participation from industry executives, participants and enthusiasts.

The content on IAR is governed by the following simple rules:

  1. All attempt is constantly made to keep the content unbiased, balanced and to present multiple sides of an issue. However, this does not stop us from presenting strong opinions, if needed. Some of these opinions may make you angry and we request that you count till ten before calling us.
  2. We are not for the appeasement of corporate communication departments. At times, the data-driven-analysis system approach may not be in line with the corporate communication policies of carmakers / suppliers.
  3. We like talking to industry participants and may be talking to you in the future. Any quotes from senior executives would be shared with them and their communication departments over a 24 hour window to ensure no errors are unintentionally published.
  4. However, we retain the final rights to use any statements from senior executives in any format as long as they are factually correct.
  5. Most of the information on IAR is for free consumption of the industry and enthusiasts. You are also free to reproduce it. However, while reproducing any information or info graphic, ensure that the same is credited to EMMAAA / IAR. Any sharing without credit is prohibited.

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