Early Sales Reckoner – September 2015


Data hides a lot of things and some times the devil is in the detail. On the surface everything looks calm for September sales and we have good news coming from most carmakers. However, scratch a little and there is ample pain in the market.

Starting with Maruti and the talking point is the S-Cross. MSIL release and media reports suggest that S-Cross dispatches were around 3600 units, not a fantastic opening for a crossover which is the entry of the carmaker into a premium segment.

Further, taking out the S-Cross’s 3600 units, the Ertiga seems to have dispatches of only 2700 units. That’s a spectacular crash for a model that was doing 5k+ every month without losing its breath. We hope its just an aberration for both the Ertiga and the S-Cross.

The other disappointment is Ford India. On the surface it had a 22% growth in dispatches. However, with three volume models and the EcoSport consistently doing about 3700 units every month, the Figo and Aspire dispatches seem to add up for only 4300 units. Again, we hope its just the starting hiccups in production.

Honda also had a 23% jump in dispatches but the Mobilio shows no signs of coming off ventilator support.

Tata managed to match its dispatches from previous year not a great act considering last year was already a dismal base.

Mahindra continued with the downtrend and saw a 7.5% drop in dispatches.

In the end, Hyundai India seems to be the only one nibbling market share away from everyone else, a fresh range seems to be doing the trick for the carmaker.



Sept 2015 ESR V1.0.001


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