Downturn Turns Worse – March 2014 – Early Sales Reckoner


(Update 3 – Including numbers from General Motors)

(Update 2 – Now including numbers from Nissan / Datsun)

(Update 1 – Now including Sales Numbers from Tata Motors and Volkswagen)

Early numbers for March 2014 indicate that there is no hope yet for the Passenger Vehicle sector. Even the recent price cuts due to duty reduction in the budget have not resulted in any increase in uptake for carmakers. Worse, Maruti and Hyundai stay unimpressive even though both have mainstream, fresh models.

Numbers from nearly all carmakers indicate that the overall Passenger Vehicle market is heading for a nearly 4% cut from last year. Apart from Honda, Nissan, Tata, Ford and Hyundai, the other carmakers reported sales declines. Even a decent response to the Celerio could not push Maruti numbers in the green while Hyundai barely managed to turn positive even though it has two fresh models (i10 Grand and Xcent) in the market.

Early Sales Reckoner - March 2014

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