Part I – EVs in India – Massive Potential, Not Enough Charge

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With virtually no policy measures, past government’s myopic vision, skewed lobbying, and misplaced priorities, India is set to lose the EV wars…even without participating in them.

In Part 1 of our analysis on the Electric Vehicles in India, we look at how a lack of supporting infrastructure will likely destroy the industry even before it takes off. Even if the industry sustains its struggle to build a future for electric cars in the country, India’s dirty electricity mix brings newer complexities in the picture. Read More

1st Birthday cake

IAR Turns One

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Sometime in October 2014, IndiaAutoReport completed one year of operations. Why we cannot put an exact date to our birthday is because, while we posted the first research post on 11th Oct 2013, the website came into existence a few days before that. Meanwhile, Emerging Markets Automotive Advisors (EMMAAA) started operations in September 2013 while the domain IAR was booked many years back.

In short, we are not sure when to celebrate IAR’s birthday, and for aesthetics sake, let 11th October be the day.

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September Passenger Vehicle Sales up 3.3%; Two-Wheelers Hit the Stratosphere

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September 2014 had plenty of shades of grey as compared to the last three months. While Passenger Vehicle Sales did manage to end in green, it was not a convincing performance by any measure.

EMMAAA’s analysts stay worried about the market because of the narrow breadth of the recovery and September dispatches again highlighted major problems at GM India, Renault-Nissan-Datsun, Tata, Ford, Mahindra, and Volkswagen-Skoda.

In other words, the entire industry but for Maruti-Suzuki, Hyundai and Honda. Read More

Mahindra acquires Peugeot Scooters

Mahindra-Peugeot – 12 Things That Excite Us…and 3 That Have Us Worried

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Mahindra has announced the acquisition of Peugeot Motorcycles (PMTC). The Indian automotive major will take a controlling 51% stake in PMTC and will have three members on the five-member board. IndiaAutoReport (IAR) takes a look at what this acquisition means for Mahindra in the two-wheeler business.

A number of inferences can be drawn from Mahindra’s bold move and here are 12 that are on the top of our list: Read More

Mayank Pareek

The Band Aid Man

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After two weeks of speculation, it has now been confirmed that Mayank Pareek, the erstwhile Sales / Marketing head of Maruti-Suzuki, is joining Tata Motors to head the domestic Passenger car business. IndiaAutoReport takes a look at the logic behind Tata Motors decision and if this has the potential to resurrect the company’s fortunes in the domestic market.


Editor’s Note: Normally IAR detests from doing pure opinion pieces without any data support. However, Pareek’s appointment seems (to us) as Tata Motors’ last ditch attempt at holding its relevance in the Indian passenger vehicle space. It is certainly a bold move with the potential to turn around things for the company. At the same time, if things don’t work out, Tata badge may disappear from passenger vehicles in the Indian market within five years.

Reason enough for us to add our two cents.

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Top 5

Top Five Things that Worry Us

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We at IAR are a bunch of skeptics and critics. We like finding problems where none some exist. So while the entire industry is getting optimistic about the market, we sat down to look at the biggest issues that worry us today.

The industry may have shown a remarkable recovery in passenger vehicle dispatches in the last four months (May-Aug 2014) but analysts at EMMAAA are still worried about many things. Here are the top five worries on the top of our head.  Read More

Vinay Piparsania, Executive Director, Marketing, Sales & Service

IAR Conversations – The Vinay Piparsania Interview

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This week IndiaAutoReport (IAR) did something different. We got up from behind our computers, picked up the Dictaphone, and decided to throw some honest questions at a senior automotive executive.

IAR’s commitment to the automotive industry is to add value through mature analysis and thought provoking insights. Often the analysis is uncomfortable for management as it brings out aspects that communication departments would prefer to hide. To ensure that our point-of-view is balanced, we have decided to seek the views of senior managers. Read More


It’s an August August – August 2014 Sales Analysis

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August 2014 was truly an August month as everything came together for the automotive industry. Passenger Vehicle sales were up; Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) sales were up, and two-wheelers hitched a ride on a rocket.

Even Mopeds and Three-wheelers were busy celebrating an early Diwali.

August is a funny time of the year. It is not as slow as the summer months even though heavy rains do tend to shave off a few working days from dealers. At the same time, the festival season is still a bit far away even though some dealers do tend to start building up the inventory.

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Results – M&HCV Fleet Operator Survey

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A few weeks back, EMMAAA conducted a survey of fleet operators running Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles (M&HCVs). The motive was to gauge the mood of the industry and use the findings to develop a dependable, confident, and trustworthy forecast of the M&HCV sector.

The results even surprised us.

As the Indian freight industry matures, large fleet operators are increasing in number and size. This trend is very prevalent in the M&HCV segment where fleet operators now define the mood of the industry.

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