It’s an August August – August 2014 Sales Analysis

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August 2014 was truly an August month as everything came together for the automotive industry. Passenger Vehicle sales were up; Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) sales were up, and two-wheelers hitched a ride on a rocket.

Even Mopeds and Three-wheelers were busy celebrating an early Diwali.

August is a funny time of the year. It is not as slow as the summer months even though heavy rains do tend to shave off a few working days from dealers. At the same time, the festival season is still a bit far away even though some dealers do tend to start building up the inventory.

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Results – M&HCV Fleet Operator Survey

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A few weeks back, EMMAAA conducted a survey of fleet operators running Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles (M&HCVs). The motive was to gauge the mood of the industry and use the findings to develop a dependable, confident, and trustworthy forecast of the M&HCV sector.

The results even surprised us.

As the Indian freight industry matures, large fleet operators are increasing in number and size. This trend is very prevalent in the M&HCV segment where fleet operators now define the mood of the industry.

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Early Indian Vehicle Sales Reckoner – August 2014

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Like always, we start the Early Sales Reckoner with data from Maruti-Suzuki. It has been a wonderful August 2014 for MSIL, mostly thanks to last August being crap.

Maruti-Suzuki numbers were out early morning and the company has reported a 29.3% jump in dispatches in August 2014.  Numbers look good all around and MSIL is reporting a growth in dispatches across all segments. Compact segment sales were up 53% riding the Celerio and D’Zire. Read More


GM India – Will it survive?

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Many unnamed business gurus advise start-ups to fail, and fail fast. You see, it is okay to fail. In the theoretical world of business gurus, failure is seen as a learning exercise. By failing faster, you learn faster.

Then, as another set of business gurus explain; you can change your direction, alter your strategy, find a clueless VC, and even find success.

Many successful tech stories – Snapdeal, Twitter, Apple – have learnt from failures, made serious course corrections and tasted big success.

Looking from the outside, failure does appear to be a critical part of success. Read More

Corking the champagne

Corking the Champagne

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The miser in us has always wondered if it is possible to open a bottle of Champagne, pour out a flute, then cork it again, and put it back in the fridge? Would the bubbly still be bubbly when I take it out another day and pour out another flute?

Honda India needs to find this out. Because the Champagne they uncorked after the successive successes of the City, Amaze and Mobilio needs to be corked and put back in the chiller for another day. The Brio is struggling, badly; so badly that it made the Tata Aria smell like roses in July 2014. Read More

Go Public

Go Public? Stay Private…

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The Indian automotive industry hasn’t witnessed many any carmakers, barring Maruti-Suzuki, going public in the last thirty years. At the same time, many suppliers have floated on the stock exchanges. Why do vehicle manufacturers shun away from listing on stock exchanges?

Going public, which is floating the company’s stock on an exchange, is the ultimate high point in the life of an enterprise. Every entrepreneur has wet dreams of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and most start-ups strive to climb the summit one day. Read More


Roses in the Rot

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‘Comfort in numbers’ is an old adage. As long as a market has huge numbers, it is very difficult to go wrong.

Take India for instance – a country of 1.2 billion people; the beauty with such a large population is that for the right product, the market can be huge. And even if the product is not so right, the market can simply be big. Popularity is not really a requirement for success as even the right niche can be a bigger market than the entire Scandinavia.

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Wrench advantage

The End of Advantage

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Honda Mobilio’s competitive pricing is Maruti-Suzuki’s worst nightmare come true. Till now the Ertiga was ahead in a field of one, happily notching up 5000+ units every month in sales. Now the party has been spoilt forever.

Do you know what the 6E Principles of Managing Quality Attributes are? We have cooked them up just now so bear with us on this one: Read More